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How to get a foreign number for yahoo

Have you been searching for how to get a foreign number for yahoo without a result yet?. There are many ways to get international phone numbers online and that’s what you are going to learn in this article.

Before we continue on how to get a foreign number for yahoo, have you browsed through my recent article on New lotto format for yahoo? ,you will find it really interesting.

Now back to the topic : Most of the yahoo boys find it difficult to invest some token just to get the perfect tools needed for cashout.

It’s really difficult becoming successful yahoo boy without spending little money in getting tools. Stop deceiving yourself with everything free.

You may have seen different places to get foreign numbers online but you are probably still searching because you needed the free ones.

I understand everyone loves free things including me but there’s a limit to that. However, am sorry to disappoint you “There’s no place to get free foreign numbers online, or rather let me say, we don’t know of such websites or apps.

Nevertheless, Am going to share with you how you can get foreign numbers at affordable rates, and with just few dollars, you are done. So read carefully and follow the steps.

Why You need to get a foreign number for yahoo

After all the plenty lies, you need little proof of truth to make your clients believe you even the more.

Trust and Authenticity is all you need to make your clients believe whatever you tell them.

You can’t be telling your clients you’re in the United States and you are using a different whatsapp number probably an Africa number. That’s enough to cast your work.

When your phone number matches your claims everything become easier. That’s the major reason you need a foreign number.

What’s the cost of a foreign number?

The cost of a foreign number depends on the type of number the platform you are getting the number from.

There are different platforms to get international phone numbers and each goes with a different cost even for the same phone number.

E. G

While a UK number cost $19.98 on dingTone,

get foreign number for yahoo

The same UK number cost $3.99 on VYKE.

get foreign number for yahoo

That’s what i mean when i say each platform goes with different cost even for same number.

There are many others with various costs it’s left for you to sort based on your budget and your likeness.

How to get a foreign number for yahoo

Below are some trusted platforms through which you can get international phone numbers online.

VYKE app:

For a very long time, vyke app has remained my favorite because it’s affordable and very easy to use.

You can get a phone number for as low as $3 per month and $15 per year.

Apart from the fact that it’s affordable and easy to use, their payment method is appealing unlike others where you find it difficult to make payment. Google pay payment method is accepted.

This means you can easily link your atm card and make payment.

The three phone numbers you can get here are Canada, United States and United Kingdom.

Zeyi App:

This is another similar app just like the VYKE app. They almost have the same features with different designs.

The cost for a phone number ranges from $3 per month to $15 per year.

And the available payment methods are PayPal and Google pay. There are three available phone numbers for order. Canada, United Kingdom and United States.


This is quite expensive unlike the above listed. But sometimes, when my limit for the others has been exceeded or the number i need is not available on the other platforms, i make use dingtone as an option.

This platform is great because it offers variety of phone numbers unlike VYKE and zeyi.

Dingtone offers about 14 international phone numbers including US, UK, Canada, Poland, Sweden, France, Australia etc.

Second Line:

This is another great platform through which you can get foreign number at affordable prices.

Unlike other platforms, you are allowed to order US, UK, Belgium, Canada and Australia phone numbers only.

You can get any of these numbers for as low as $4 per month apart from the Australia number which cost around $20 per month.

Major challenge in getting these number in Nigeria

The major change in getting numbers from any of these platforms in Nigeria is how to make payment.

It all started when CBN restricted international payments on naira cards. So linking and making payments is an issue which am going to show you how to bypass.

Instead of using your Naira Card in making payment and getting declined, you can use virtual dollar cards which can be gotten online.

There are different methods to get virtual numbers online but am going to discuss two easy and working ways.

Getbarter App:

With Getbarter you can create virtual cards and fund them for online use using naira.

You can download the Getbarter app here

Wallet Africa:

This is another great platform through which you can get virtual dollars cards for online with naira.

You can download walletAfrica app here.

When you create any of the above account, you will have chances of funding your wallet with naira, after which you can then create dollar cards depending on their current naira to Dollar rate.

When you create a card, you will be giving access to use the card with the necessary information such as card number, cvv and expiry date.

You can delete card anytime to create new one and you can also fund the card balance using naira from your app wallet.

Conclusion- How to get a foreign number for yahoo

Am very sure the above inscription has answered your question on how to get a foreign number for yahoo business.

Always remember that these numbers are purchased on monthly or yearly basics and if they expire without renewal, you are likely to lost them.

All of the above numbers can be used on WhatSapp and other online registration platforms.

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