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ITunes Gift card format for client

Amazon or iTunes Gift card format has longed been in existence and still working even till now.

In most cases it seem too obvious asking newly catch clients for money in the direct manners so using the iTunes gift card billing format has always remained the best option.

With this, you can strategically bill your clients for little amount of money using iTunes cards which can later be converted.

With this iTunes giftcard or Amazon format you don’t need to send your clients bank details. This is just as easy as sending recharge card.

By the end of this post, you are not only going to learn how to collect iTunes gift cards from your client but also how to redeem them to real money. so pay attention.

What is iTunes Gift card?

iTunes gift card billing format

On Apple music store, you buy songs and play them through your PC, iPad, Mac or ipod using the iTunes software.

The iTunes card is originally made for iTunes store users in order to pay for songs and enable them listen through their devices.

The iTunes card have some numbers at the back just like recharge card. Every card is redeemable through iTunes store. Once redeemed, you can then buy songs worth your card value.

As time goes on, app store later came up and started using same iTunes cards probably because they didn’t want to create a different card entirely.

This time around, you are not only buying music but you can now purchase even apps from appstore using your iTunes cards.

This iTunes gift cards can be sold for money. Just that the value always reduce based on the low conversion rate.

How to get iTunes gift card from your clients

This is where the iTunes gift card billing format comes in.

Usually, friends does gift fellows using these cards but these days guys are making money from it. So let’s see some best approaches to collect gift cards from your clients.

Create a Relationship:

There are many ways to get clients but making friends for relationship sake pays better when it comes to collecting giftcards from clients.

You can bomb dating sites. When you catch your clients, you build a perfect relationship with them. Clients can easily buy cards worth $100 and send to you.

You can start making them pay gradually using this format rather than coming with high bill at first. It might scare them away.

When sorting for clients, you should go for clients from USA, UK, Canada or other top countries where clients can easily buy gift cards.

Lie about everything:

This format works for anyone. You must not be a yahoo boy or girl before you can utilize it.

When using iTunes gift card billing format ,you should lie about your occupation and location “feel free to do so because they aren’t going to be curious about verifying that” since your format won’t require them to make payment through bank or huge amounts of money.

You can tell them your job doesn’t allow you to go out all day. Jobs that keep you indoors makes it easy asking for gift cards. You gat to think.

Discuss music in your Chats:

We have stated earlier that iTunes gift cards are mainly for buying songs and apps from apple store.

You can tell your clients about your favorite artists and also ask them about theirs. You can discuss how Apple store has been your favorite space for getting songs.

If they are from advance countries they will easily understand you. If you discuss music in your conversations, it will be easy to lure then in gifting you iTunes with the hope you are going to use them in getting your favorite songs on applestore.

Client might not respond at first but keep giving her clues to send you iTunes. They may later succumb.

Sell and take money:

One of the major problem yahoo boys do face is selling iTunes card. There are many scammer online who flaunts themselves as dealers.

The moment you send them your cards, they immediately redeem them and give you stories.

There are many legit buyers online but personally, am recommending They buy all kinds of GiftCards.

itunes Gift Card format PDF

There are many reasons why hustlers like us have always recommended this hustle. itunes Gift card format is not like other formats where you run around to get accounts you will use in receiving payments.

You Cannot get caught using this format because there’s no trace and you can easily sell the cards and transform to money.

These are few reasons iTunes gift cards format is recommended over other formats.

Apart from buying songs and apps, there are many other ways you can use the iTunes gift cards billing format.

iTunes gift card billing format sample message

Before i drop the sample message, here are few things you need to consider while using GiftCard formats.

  • Your English should be correct and well written.

  • Be sure you are not in the United States when using this format.

  • Before you bill a client for itunes, Amazon or other cards be sure they have trusted you so much.

  • Amazon, Google Play or steem card is better because iTunes has been over used. Too many clients are already aware.

  • Start your billing with small money “as little as $100”

Always make sure you key to single lie you tell your clients because they will abandon you once they notice missing words.

Below is a sample text and it can be edited to your choice and based on the client you are chatting with.

You should place these text in the right line on how you have arranged your chat with the client.

This amazon or iTunes gift card billing format is still working but you just need to understand the clues. Also, your target should be USA because getting gift cards seem easier over there.

In addition, you should know there are many other gift cards apart from Amazon and iTunes. We have PayPal, Vanilla, MoneyPak, Reloadit etc. You can bill your clients any of these cards depending on the one that’s convenient for them and for you to redeem and get cash.

You can share this post if you find it interesting. You can also save this page as PDF for later read.

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