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New lotto format for yahoo PDF

The lottery or lotto format for yahoo is similar to the grant format we discussed earlier.

This lottery scam is of a different level but still on promising awoofs just like grant format for yahoo.

In this article you will gain knowledge of how lotto format works and how to get started with Facebook or Instagram lottery format.

You can always convert this page to pdf as usual for easy read right on your device.

You don’t need to be told any longer that even you as a yahoo boy know very little about it. Don’t claim to know it all otherwise you will end up not cashing out while others are smiling to bank.

Updates can come from anyone irrespective of their status. Someone who’s poor can give you a life changing update. What matters most is “Grace”.

Lotto format for Yahoo

You need to search for top lottery winners of all time and use their name and profile for the shit.

There are many online but here am using Dave Johnson. He won a powerball jackpot of over 280Million USD in 2018.

His profile and photos are everywhere online for mimicking.

Below is the yahoo lotto and billing format.

Lottery winning Message to Bomb Clients

Hello this is DAVE JOHNSON powerball winner, you have been randomly picked among those I will be giving $30,000 are you ready to get your winnings congratulations in advance !!

So are you ready to get your winnings claimed and delivered to you?

It’s not a scam, I decide to help people and you were randomly selected as a winner and it’s not a must you claim it, I was once a truck driver, I drove truck for Iberia foods and I know how hard life was then and suddenly Got change my life with a huge of money which is $298.3 million dollars and I am trying to help people with some of it. Is it bad idea to help people?

Ok you have to provide some information so the FEDEX agent can deliver your winnings to your doorstep.Provide the below details.

  • full name
  • home address
  • cell number
  • cash or check?

They will ask if it’s real

Yes this is real and legit and I want you to know that I’m not here to hurt anyone because it’s like a blessing to me when I won the power ball lottery and i also wait to share out of the winnings to help people or is it bad to help people?

Am not forcing you to drop any information, if you are not interested we can cancel your winnings for another winner

When they finally drop their details

Great Your details has already been transferred to a online private Fedex claiming agent,Lastly what you need right now is to send a message to the Fedex online Agent just text the with (469) 447-5174 your win amount saying I am ready to get my money . Do you understand me?

Make sure you follow whatever the procedure you are to follow so you can get your winning money really fast. Do you understand me now ?

Chat has been transferred to agent

Alright have you get a reply from the agent now I have already paid for the delivery fee so you don’t need to pay for delivery fee anymore, all you have to do is to make payment for your winnings activation and make sure when you get your winnings you make a video of you with the money do you understand I wish you the best luck

Good don’t forget you need to take a picture or video of your winnings at point of delivery like other winners did.

Yes i want to be a blessing to you and your family because the bible says Jeremiah 29:11…For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Lastly My Dearest In Christ I believed you and The Lord has Chosen You for This Mission..I prayed More to God and Now I Understand Why he had choose You for this Perfect Mission He will Surely Give You wisdom and understanding to make his will come through and i want you to embark on a day fasting and prayer may the LORD be with you.

Lotto format – Agent started chat

Good day , I am your agent Ramon Carter , the FEDEX agent in charge of your $30,000 win money! Congratulations in Advance sir …..

Good kindly hold on while I verify your winnings with your winnings code on our database

Congratulations your winnings is verify ✅
Here is your…

  • Reference Number: 974078569,
  • Batch Number : 6056490602/218,
  • Ticket Number: 25430859,
  • Serial number: 1505551111/905

They are the confidential information of your Cash Giveaway


(1) you are to keep your winning code safe because it will be require from you at the delivery point.

(2) you are advise to keep your winning news to yourself to avoid double claiming or robbery along the road.

(3) You winning will be on the way once the process is done.

(4) Signature and ID will be required at the door step. Do you understand?

New Lottery – Lotto billing format

There are some procedures you need to do before you can get your package delivered just like the rest winners you need to activate your winnings right now sir …

You are to keep this to yourself never to reveal this to anyone until the money will be delivered to your house safely for security reasons it would be delivered as a package and you need a tracking number sir …

Your delivery notice is ready and approved
A fee is required to activate your tracking number with your name and time of deliver any time as from now in 2 hours today

Everything is alright sir that’s the legitimacy Way you make the payment and get your winnings package delivered to you accurately it’s the requirement by the federal legislative branch board for the government in collaboration with world bank

All you have to do right now is to make a payment for your activation fee for your winnings delivery to be activated.
we have method of payment..

FEDEX Express (24hrs Delivery)
Courier charge :$50
Administrative: $25
Insurance: $25
TOTAL $100

You can make the payment through cash app, Zelle,Paypal,or any how you feel is comfortable for you sir

Now You need to go to any store near by you and purchase an Steam Wallet Gift Card with cash of $100 in 4 pieces to make it $400 and send it to me with the receipt shown to me clearly now..

Once you’re ready to pay that’s the way they make the payment to our cashier once cashier confirm your payment your winnings will be activated and proceed for delivery immediately

Keep this safe so that FEDEX will use it to verify you as the real winner to deliver to when they get to your doorstep,

Second lotto Billing format

According to the protocol we allow to make a payment twice so that it can be easily for you or either you go borrow or get a loan to get the money then you do the refund when you get your winnings delivered to you…

Thanks for getting back to us Asap. We got your information And Your information have Been Programmed in our Database. FEDEX delivery men are ready to bring your package money to your door step in the next 7 hours.

Finally,You have to pay for Case file fee and the delivery fees, so that the Ups can bring the package to your door step in the next 7 hours from now. You will need to pay for Delivery Fees and Case file fees.

We are told now that there will be a custom charges before we can get to your door step and these fee must be done before we can process for the delivery and I want you to understand that we are set for the delivery but the custom officer told me that there is nothing we can deliver without these fee of road bills I want you to help us to arrange $200 to pay them so that they can live me please

Once you do your part by getting the card your winnings will get delivered to you is either you go borrow or get a loan to get the card then you do the refund when you get your winnings delivered to you

All you have to do is to go to any nearby store and purchase 2 $100 apple Steam Wallet Gift Card to update your winnings from my iTunes account to the FedEx courier service that will deliver your winnings to you

Real and legit still giving way $50,000.00 Share And comment ” if you want to be next winner . I will selected 50 Lucky person $50,000.00 each just follow the instructions……


Step 2 Comment ” Done ”


Good Luck everyone ….

This is not how you supposed to be taking to me I gave you Money to you to come up with your needs you can’t even appreciate it that mean if you got the winning delivered you will not eve bother to talk to me again to show appreciation

I told you I don’t have the idea of that fee all I know is that make sure you claim your winning form the agent if not once the Money get back to me I will give it out to another lucky win

No they can’t ship it without getting your delivery activate, they need to get it activated at the FedEx office and ones they do that your package will get to you safely just make sure you claim your package for delivered

third billing for lotto format

Your grant money is 2hrs distance from your house. The FBI Agent needs the $400 so that they can escort the Ups truck to your house

Hello sir We are on our way to your door step when the custom company stop us putting our notice to the (PTA) Of the delivery.

We are told now that there will be a custom charges before we can get to your door step and these fee must be done before we can proceed for the delivery and i want you to know that we are set for the delivery, but the custom officer told me that there is nothing we can deliver without these fee, so we have to work on the payment now and am not quite sure if you will get these paid today so that the delivery can being processing. Can’t wait to hear back from you sir

Remember, For your safety and to avoid your money been deliver to wrong claimer/individual, We ask that you should keep this notification strictly from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money is successfully don’t disclose this with anyone yet so no one else will claim your money or come to your house to hurt you after you received your money..

Keep this strictly to yourself to avoid any problem or wrong person to receive your money okay…

I am Dave Johnson the winner of $298.3 million from powerball lottery. I am given out $30,000 to my first 2k followers.

New Lotto Format for yahoo

You can bomb clients on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

Always remember to edit the phone number and names to your standard.

You can bill them any amount of your choice depending on your clients worth.

The agent phone number should be managed by you or a close buddy. You are still the Dave Johnson and at the same time the agent.

You can be chatting your clients on both angles. You should know better than that.

This lotto format is really paying and hope to see you succeed on how you explore it.

You can convert this page to pdf for easy read. Please share with your loved ones.

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