Online shopping without OTP in Nigeria

Alot of Guys has been searching for ways to do Online shopping without OTP in Nigeria. But the question is “Is it really possible to shop online without OTP?

Before i go further to explain if it’s possible to do Online shopping without OTP in Nigeria let me quickly explain what It really means by the Word OTP to newbies understanding..

Understanding OTP for Beginners

OTP also means One Time Password. This password is only sent by banks to authenticate any transaction using Credit/debit Cards online. It usually comes in six digits texts to the mobile number associated with the account in question.

This is the major reason why it’s almost impossible for imposters to use your credit/debit cards online without your concern.

Online shopping without OTP in Nigeria

As a Nigerian and having gotten some stolen Cards, You may want to remove the funds in them.

We learned earlier that, there are many ways to remove money from stolen cards among which we mentioned “Through Shopping” But unfortunately, we have very little websites where you can shop without otp and Nigeria is not always allowed (restricted from shipping countries).

This means, it’s not made for Nigerians. Then, searching for sites in nigeria which allows you to shop without otp, i will boldly announce to you that, there’s none online as at the time of writing this post.

Does it mean one cannot extract money from stolen or compromised Credit /debit cards without otp?.

Not at all. Money can still be extracted from stolen or compromised cards but this time, not through online shopping but through the use of otp bypass softwares.

There are many otp Bypass softwares which makes it possible for u to withdraw money from any card using just card number, CVV and expiry Date. But the generally known ones are Xcaret100 and Cardcumbo.

Xcaret100 & Cardcumbo Otp Bypass Software

Xcaret100 and Cardcumbo got different functions but the main similarity among them is “withdrawing from stolen cards without otp”

While cardcumbo makes it possible to withdraw from both local and international cards, Xcaret100 only withdraw from local cards (Nigeria).

Online shopping without OTP in Nigeria

You don’t need to go about searching for any website in order to bypass otp when you have Xcaret100.

With XCARET100, You can fund your wallet using money from the stolen or compromised cards. After that, you can shop bitcoin and other items with the funds or send them to your local bank account without stress. (No OTP).

Isn’t that awesome?

How to Get Xcaret100 App

You can download the Xcaret100 app.

After downloading, You may need to activate Your App in order to get full access. This will only cost you one time fee of $100 (One hundred Dollars). As soon as your activation is complete, you will get usage guide forwarded to your email.

Before then, you can always ask questions through email or what’sapp.

Do You want to transfer money from cards to your local bank or bitcoin wallets without otp? Do you want to shop with credit/debit cards without otp?

If yes, Xcaret100 is the perfect solution.

Before You get started With Xcaret100 software, there’s something you need to consider.

  • XCARET100 have $2K daily limit when sending funds to Bitcoin but unlimited when sending funds through bank

Enjoy yourself.

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This is supposed to be forwarded to your email automatically. If you didn’t get it automatically it means you did manual activation before messaging us to get your guide be sure to have checked your Spam folder. Thanks

Thanks boss. Xcaret100 is really good. Only that the sending limit is low as i deal on cards with very huge funds.

Hey brother, in as much as you can fund wallet unlimited and you can withdraw at least $2K daily through bitcoin still makes it perfect.

If you want to withdraw through bank, it’s unlimited

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