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Sickness billing format for Yahoo PDF

In my recent post i discussed grant format for Yahoo where we talked about how one can make money through grants and its really great.

In today’s article we shall be talking mainly on hospital or sickness billing format for Yahoo of which am very sure you will benefit from.

There are so many Yahoo formats out there of which am very sure more are yet to be known. Every yahoo format does pay but what you need is understanding and using the right strategies.

We are passionate about helping upcoming hustlers to make money. Yahoo is real and there’s money in it even without doing evil “Yahoo plus” but your time and effort is required.

Someone is wondering how sickness or hospital is connected or concerned in yahoo. Yahoo means convincing your clients by any means to give you money. It doesn’t matter how.

Sickness billing format for Yahoo “PDF”

Pretending to be sick is one easy way through which you can extort money from your clients. You just have to scare them with deadly diseases such as kidney failure, Diabetes, stroke etc.

By the end of this post, you will learn sickness billing format for Yahoo PDF and otherwise. And incase you are in doubt if this format does work, you just need to try it out.

This Yahoo format doesn’t require many documents unlike others. With just few steps, you are done.

Here are the few things you need to get started.

  • Mobile device
  • Fake email address
  • Fake social media account
  • Grammarlly account
  • Sickness photos & letters

  • Mobile Devices:

    This can either be a mobile phone or PC. Yahoo today is unlike those years where it’s not doable unless you have a computer.

    These days, there’s no need carrying computer everywhere as a yahoo guy. As a matter of fact, over 80% of street guys who cashout real money don’t even have or use their PC effectively. So if you have an android or ios phone with good battery life, you are very OK and good to go.

    Failure to possess any of both implies you are not ready because that’s the most important tool before anything else.

    Grammarlly Account:

    You may not be from the western world but most of your clients dwells there. Your ways of speaking and typing might be difficult for them to understand.

    Grammarlly is a useful tool when it comes to correcting grammatical errors. Grammarlly have free and premium version.

    As a beginner in the street, you can get started with the free or trial version. I think that will serve you better until you have enough money to invest.

    Fake social Account:

    You need a fake social media account for Bombing clients. When we say fake, it simply mean impersonating some kind of reputable individuals in expense of extortion.

    Getting real clients is easy through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

    The major challenge is creating a compelling profile. Your time is required as you really need to settle down in editing every bit of your profile because clients are really observant.

    You can either create a fresh account, hack one or buy already existing accounts in any of the social platforms of your choice.

    Fake Email address:

    there’s no doubt you need a fake email address for your work. I don’t need to remind you that using your personal email can put you and your work at risk.

    You can either create a custom or free email using Gmail platform. Custom email is something of [email protected] it’s highly recommended but skills are required to create customized email address.

    Email conversations are safer and more secured because of the ban rate on these social networks. Anytime you catch clients, you can always request their email address for safety.

    If anything happens to your social media, you can connect them continuesly on email.

    sickness letter and photos:

    While editing and creating social profiles and pages, you need good and convincing photos in almost all of your posts.

    You are doing this to build trust and make your profile real. It will be more appealing having many photos of same person you’re impersonating rather than just few photos for trust sake.

    Before you bill your clients using this Yahoo sickness format, you need good sickness photos to make them pay.

    Sickness billing format for Yahoo PDF

    The first thing is to find your clients on social media or anywhere. You can go about finding clients on Facebook groups and pages “regularly way of bombing”.

    You can edit your profile as a gay or even lesbian. You can edit as single searching for relationship.

    When you get your clients, you will have to do the following:

    Build relationship with your targets:

    If you must ask them for money and they pay, you need to build relationship with them unless it won’t work out.

    You need enough time to do this, it can be two months or even more depending on how responsive the client is.

    Building relationship means telling them every sweet thing you can ever imagine, how you are going to spend the rest of your life together with other fake promises.

    Take their personal details:

    convince your clients to give you their personal details. You can tell them you are not in the country and that you are on a business trip to Dubai.

    This will create an avenue to know the type of job they do. Knowing the type of job they do will give insight on how much to bill them.

    You can also say, you don’t like chatting on social platforms because you hardly come online because of the nature of your business so as to take their email or phone number.

    Send them sickness photos+letters:

    Having built a solid relationship and having known all about them and private details, You can then commence with your billing.

    You don’t need to be in a hurry to do that. Take more time in creating good relationship. If you are too in haste to ask for money you become suspicious.

    Once they gain your trust, you can then send them sickness photos and letters like below.

    You can copy the text from the textbook and paste into your notepad for easy read.

    Hospital billing sample message

    The first letter should be forwarded to them. You will need to wait for their feedback before sending the second letter.

    You can edit the messages to your own standard. Add the client name and other info.

    Conclusion: Sickness billing format for Yahoo

    Yahoo has never been easy but you can make it out successfully with your dedication and seriousness.

    We just gave you some hints on Hospital or sickness billing format for Yahoo. You can bookmark or convert this page and download pdf so you can read anytime.

    You need to be smart in whatever you’re doing. You can’t expect anyone to teach you everything you need to know about yahoo or even any single format.

    With just little hint, you can get down to work. I hope to see you here again.

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